Pastor Moldenhauer receives divine call to Our Saviour's in Bismarck, ND.

Serving in the pastoral ministry is such a privilege and honor.  Being asked to consider another call is humbling.  While the call was completely out-of-the-blue, I am now tasked with analyzing these two ministries and where I can best serve the Lord in his kingdom at this time.
I pray that our Lord would give me clarity as I analyze the needs for both ministries.  I also pray for wisdom to know where my gifts can best be used in his kingdom at this time.   Please join me in those prayers over the next few weeks.
If any of you would like to contact me during this time, please feel free to share your thoughts, advice, and prayers with me.  I would love to hear what you have to say.
In all these things, our risen Savior is watching over his people and directing his ministry so that his will is accomplished.  That is our joy and our hope as we await his return.

Pastor Thomas M. Moldenhauer


Without Easter, Christianity is pointless; Christian churches are lying to the world.  Without Easter, there is no hope.  Without Easter, we are lost. But if Jesus is alive, then the effects are endless!  For fifty days of the Easter season, Jesus shows us what kinds of effects come from the empty tomb.  There is peace, power, forgiveness, and eternal life for all who believe.


April 2 & 3:                     Constant Confidence
April 9 & 10:                   Unstoppable Power
April 16 & 17:                  Safety in the Shepherd’s flock
April 23 & 24                   Everlasting Love
April 29 & May 1:             Timeless Truth
May 5:                             Divine Dominance (Ascension)
May 7 & 8:                       The Answer to Big Questions (Examination of Confirmands)